Men's Kakishibu Sensu  :Japanese Traditional Folding Fan- Dark Blue Wave

Men's Kakishibu Sensu :Japanese Traditional Folding Fan- Dark Blue Wave

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Kakishibu Sensu Fan- Dark Blue Wave


• Astringent persimmons and colorants processing on fan paper to give unique luster with high durability.

• Simple design of silk screen dyeing

• All processes are manufactured by Japanese craftsmen


Fan frame: bamboo

Fan: paper


Dark blue base wave pattern


length: Approximately 25.5 cm


Japan - YAMANI founded in 1713

Types of Ogi

Kyo sensu (Kyoto fan )
Traditional Crafts from Kyoto
Registered trademark of Kyoto folding fan & round fan association of commerce and industry

Natsu ogi (Summer fan) / Cloth folding fan
Folding fan for daily use
Use it to enjoy the cool breeze


Carefully open and close the new fan until each folds are settled.

When you open, please slide it back and forth, do not pull it straight or side to side.

* Details and colors of the images may differ depending on your monitor setting.

History of Ogi (Fan)

The beginning of the Ogi is thought to be the beginning of the Heian period (around the 9th century) with a thin wooden board connected to form a fan.

After the hinoki cypress board used for ceremonies, a fan made of bamboo and paper (Kamisen) was exported to China around the 10th century. Later, it was introduced to Europe and reimported to Japan, where the silk fan (Kinusen) was born. In modern times, there are summer fans and silk fans for everyday use, as well as fans specifically for Nohgaku, dance, tea ceremony, and celebrations.