Nakamura Rousoku

"Nakamura Rousoku
Traditional techniques and beauty that can only be made by hand.[The flicker of a large flame Traditional handicraft from Kyoto 「Japanese candle」(Kyo Rousoku)].「Nakamura Rousoku」 has been manufacturing and selling of 「Japanese candle」(Kyo Rousoku)since its establishment in 1887.
Craftmen have been making Japanese traditional techniques and beauty by their own hand.First of all, many of you should be thinking what Japanese candle is.
Key Feature is its flicker of a large flame.The flame of a candle send out vibrations similar to [1/f fluctuation] which gives people relaxation and comfort.
It's a strange feeling to be able to keep looking at it.
Japanese candles are all made manually one by one. The raw materials of Japanese candles are 100% plant materials, and Japanese paper and rush are used for the wick.They use haze wax and plant wax blended with rice bran wax and palm wax.


Japanese candle gives out less dripping and oil smoke, soot than petroleum candles(Western candles).
There are approximately 30 minutes to 9 hours of combustion time difference calculating from ""monme"" (unit of weight).Japanese candle are used for many purposes, like Buddhist rituals, celebrations, tea ceremonies, and night talks in temples, etc. Picture candles from Nakamura Rousoku that young painters in 20s are working are very popular to even tourists and foreigners because the surface is delicately embellished and very gorgeous.
Its beauty makes it ideal for interior decoration."