Maruhisa Inc. is located in Kyoto, the most well-known tourist destination in Japan.

Kyoto has a long established history with many temples, shrines and other ancient historic buildings.

In the city Kyoto, our company was founded in 1988 to sell Kimono. Kimono is one of the most famous fashions in the world and we sell Kimono made all over Japan on our websites as well as in Kyoto and Tokyo stores. Kimono is a treasure of Japan with a history of more than 1000 years.

It can be enjoyed not only at important ceremonies but also as daily fashion.

With our motto “Enjoy!! KIMONO”, we offer various promotions and events spreading the charm of Kimono starting from Japan to across the world such as the United States, Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Furthermore, recently adding on to Kimono, we have started selling products created by Japan’s unique traditional culture which are loved by people all over the world as Japanese traditional culture.

"Let's Enjoy Japan" with Japanese fans all over the world and with everyone who will become Japanese fans from now on. And we will continuously provide a way to enjoy Japan. Let's enjoy Japan with Maruhisa Inc.